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About ARTLANGS >News >60 seconds to understand artlangs translation!

60 seconds to understand artlangs translation!

Hi, do you know how many languages there are in the world?

The answer is 5,651.

Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and French are the major languages in the world and the working languages of the United Nations.

Language is a way of human communication and an important carrier of human culture. Every language can express the world outlook, way of thinking, social characteristics, culture, history and so on of the nation where the user lives.

In human collaboration in the process of economic and cultural globalization are increasingly frequent, but between different countries can produce communication disorders because of the different languages and cultures, Artlangs translation, that is through good language ability to service for the customer projects assigned to eliminate the language barrier, help customers to products, services to the global market.

What is unique about the Artlangs translation?

We know translation service if only to meet the most basic grammar correctly is not enough, so we all translation projects are completed by human language translator, which means that we know more than translation tools file the meaning of the translated text can also according to the local culture, the use of local common words or sentences to cooperate, because only in this way can the translated content cause the resonance of the readers, and exactly grasp the real meaning of the content really superb communication.

What services can Artlangs translation provide?

In the past 20 years, Artlangs has accumulated 11,219 top native language translators from almost all regions of the world, and can provide services in more than 300 languages around the world, including translation, interpretation, language localization, film and television culture translation, translation technology, etc.


SCI papers | | products | | instructions manual contract bidding book

Translation usually refers to the translation of documents such as data and business documents. Whether it is product internationalization or international cooperation, the conversion between source language and target language is a very important link. We can accurately translate any of your documents into any language you need.


Language barriers in international cooperation?

You may need an interpreter to assist you with instant messaging!

International meetings, business negotiations, the exhibition of interpretation, reception guests, factory inspection, phone video interpretation, etc., whatever the interpreting requirements, we can according to your requirements and preferences, from interpreting officer level of language, interpretation experience, professional knowledge reserve and interpersonal skills, such as dimension, matching the best interpretation officer for you.

Language localization

Website localization, APP localization | | software localization

Our team can help you adapt to the target market, handling website localization, software, APP localization, game localization, etc. Our team can handle all file formats, so you don't need to worry about format conversion before sending us materials, we will ensure that you enjoy seamless language localization service.

Translation of film and television culture

Listen to the translation of listening to a recording | | production | the | voice literature books subtitle translation

Artlangs Translation has a professional multimedia team consisting of native language dubbing engineers, editors, engineers, translators and project managers, which can provide multimedia and media language service solutions such as listening to translation, listening to recording, subtitling production, dubbing narration, literary book translation and so on.

Provide professional translation services for your industry

Our customers include Microsoft, Huawei, Alibaba, Bosch, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Tencent and so on. More than 760,000 corporate and individual users around the world choose Yayan Translator. No matter what kind of field, content or any type of project, the translation can be unimpedable.

We will help you to translate your global expansion goals into global business success.

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