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How much does Burmese translation cost?

Time : 2024-06-11Hits : 29

Burmese is the official language of Myanmar and is mainly distributed in Myanmar and its neighboring countries. With the increase in trade between China and Myanmar, the demand for Burmese translation is also gradually increasing. However, since Burmese is a minority language, domestic professional Burmese translation resources are relatively scarce, so the price of Burmese translation is relatively high. Today, Artlangs Translation Company will talk to you about the charging of Burmese translation.


1. Burmese translation charging standard:

Burmese translation is mainly divided into two categories: interpretation and translation, and there is also audio translation. The quotation method for different translation methods is different, mainly based on the language pair, field and difficulty of the project.


For Burmese translation, it is usually charged in thousand words, and the quotation is yuan/thousand words. According to the different translation levels, such as standard level, professional level and publication level, the corresponding professional requirements and fees are also different. The price of standard Burmese translation is generally around 500 yuan/thousand words, while the price of publication level may be as high as 700 yuan/thousand words. In addition, the translation of some special documents may be calculated by the number of pages or copies, such as certificate translation.


The price of Burmese interpretation is calculated by time, generally in yuan/day/person. The specific price depends on the type of interpretation service, such as accompanying interpretation, consecutive interpretation, remote interpretation or simultaneous interpretation. Generally speaking, the prices of accompanying interpretation and remote interpretation are relatively low, while the prices of simultaneous interpretation are the highest. Simultaneous interpretation may involve equipment rental, so the specific interpretation price needs to be calculated in combination with the actual service type and other requirements.


Audio translation is a special form, generally used to transcribe audio into text, and the charging method is calculated by minute, in yuan/minute. The specific charging standard will also be affected by factors such as language pairs and difficulty of audio translation.


2. Factors affecting the price of Burmese translation:

First, the translation content has an impact on the Burmese translation quotation. Generally speaking, the translation quotation for daily communication content is lower, while the quotation for content with strong professionalism and involving a large number of professional terms is higher. Professional content requires translators to consult a lot of information, and the translation is more difficult, so the fee is higher. For example, translations in professional fields such as machinery, medicine, and industry are highly professional translations, so the fees are higher.


Secondly, the length of the translation has an impact on the Burmese translation quotation. Generally speaking, the fees for translating longer texts are higher, while the fees for translating shorter texts are relatively lower. Currently, most translation companies charge per thousand words and have a unified fee standard. Before choosing a translation company, you can compare the fees of different companies and choose a suitable one.


Finally, the translation company you choose will also affect the Burmese translation quotation. Generally speaking, choosing a formal large company will have a higher quotation, but the quality is guaranteed. On the contrary, some small companies may have lower quotations, but the translation quality cannot be guaranteed. When choosing a translation company, you should not only consider the quotation, but also pay attention to the translation quality.


Artlangs Translation is a qualified international Burmese manual translation agency that provides professional and authentic Burmese manual translation services. We have a professional translation team and sign a confidentiality agreement based on the customer's translation purpose and requirements to ensure the security of the customer's information. If you want to know the specific Burmese translation fee standard and service process, please consult the online customer service of our official website for more service details.