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Korean Language Overview

Korean, also known as the Korean language, is the native language of the Korean Peninsula and the official language of South Korea. In academic terms, it is referred to as the "Korean language", while in China and Japan, it is mostly referred to as Korean. Korean is classified as an agglutinative language, and its linguistic lineage is generally categorized as an isolated language with an undetermined language family.

Historically, Chinese characters were the mainstream writing system in Korea for a long time, where Korean words were marked using Chinese characters, integrating Chinese vocabulary until the proclamation of the "Hunminjeongeum" by King Sejong the Great of the Joseon Dynasty in 1446, marking the birth of the Korean script. This ended the era of Korea lacking its own writing system and relying on Chinese characters for writing.

Today, Korean serves as an important international language widely used in South Korea, North Korea, the United States, Japan, and other places. Korean is appreciated for its clarity, expressiveness, and is increasingly being learned by people worldwide. In recent years, due to South Korea's rise in international politics and economics, the influence of the Korean language has been growing globally, becoming an ideal second language for many. Both beginners and advanced learners of Korean continuously discover and appreciate its uniqueness, leading to a growing number of Korean learners.

Korean Translation Services

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Quality Assurance for Korean Translation

As a professional language translation service provider, Artlangs is committed to providing high-quality translation services to its clients. Therefore, we have established a comprehensive and refined service process and a top-notch quality control system to ensure the accuracy and quality of Korean translation. We have obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, ISO17100:2015 and EN15038:2006 certifications for professional translation process management, and national high-tech enterprise certification. Additionally, we possess advanced translation patent technologies to offer personalized translation services according to client requirements. Our translation team consists of certified translators with professional qualifications and extensive translation experience and capabilities in their respective fields. For quality control, we employ various methods such as cross-checking, mutual cross-checking, and sample review to ensure the translation quality reaches the optimal level. Whether you need simple document translation or complex technical translation projects, Artlangs can provide you with efficient, accurate, and professional Korean translation services.

Scope of Korean Translation Services

As a professional language translation service provider, Artlangs offers comprehensive Korean translation services. We have a vast pool of Korean translators to meet the diverse needs of different industries, providing website translation, report translation, literature and document translation, contract agreement translation, certificate translation, and book and journal translation services. Moreover, we also offer video subtitle translation, multimedia translation, and various interpreting services.

In addition, Artlangs provides various interpretation services, including business accompanying interpretation, international conferences of all sizes interpretation, Korean-Chinese interpretation, simultaneous interpretation in Korean, and various remote interpreting services. Our interpreter resources cover more than 2000 languages, catering to diverse client needs. Whatever type of translation service you require, we will provide high-quality, accurate, and professional Korean translation services based on client needs and industry characteristics, ensuring seamless communication and smooth interaction for our clients.