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Russian Language Overview

Russian, belonging to the East Slavic branch of the Indo-European language family within the Slavic group, is the most widely spoken Slavic language. It serves as one of the official languages of the United Nations and is the official language of the Russian Federation, as well as being an official language in Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Kyrgyzstan.

Historically, Russian was the sole official language of the Russian Empire. During the Soviet era, each constituent republic had its own official language, but Russian remained the language representing the Soviet Union as a whole. However, after the Eastern European revolutions of 1989 and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, independent countries began promoting their native languages, reducing the dominance of Russian. Nevertheless, Russian continues to play a significant role as a communication language among many Eastern European and Central Asian countries.

Modern Russian has two main regional dialects: Southern Russian dialects known for their relaxed pronunciation, and Northern Russian dialects closer to standard Russian. The standardization of modern Russian owes much to the contributions of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, Russia's greatest poet and a prominent figure in Romantic and Realist literature.

The Russian alphabet is a variation of the Cyrillic script, consisting of 33 letters, including 10 vowels, 21 consonants, and 2 non-phonetic symbols. The printed and handwritten forms of Russian may differ slightly. Russian grammar is relatively complex, featuring six grammatical cases, six verb tenses, and three moods.

In summary, Russian is an important Slavic language with widespread usage, serving as a primary communication language among many nations. Its history, dialects, and alphabet system are worth exploring.

Russian Translation Service Company

Artlangs is a professional Russian translation services company. Their translators are graduates from prestigious universities with years of experience in Russian and hold native-level certifications. They also possess expertise in various industries, ensuring high-level language proficiency and familiarity with industry-specific terminology.

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Through a rigorous tiered certification system for translators, Artlangs covers over 20 industry sectors, including mechanical engineering, steel metallurgy, energy and natural gas, mining and coal industry, petrochemicals, textiles, food processing, woodworking, aerospace, nuclear industry, finance, automotive manufacturing, electronics, paper and shipbuilding, IT, agriculture, animal husbandry, services, construction engineering, mineral extraction, tourism, and more, with a project satisfaction rate exceeding 98%, earning consistent praise from clients and the industry.

Russian Translation Service Projects

The company offers a variety of translation service projects. Firstly, Russian translation projects cover a wide range of documents such as corporate brochures, contracts, product manuals, medical reports, business documents, operation manuals, maintenance manuals, literature, legal patents, and more. They also provide desktop publishing, typing, document conversion, and other document layout services. Website translation, analysis, technical support, and website localization are also part of their services. Multimedia services include native-language transcription, subtitling, professional voice-over, and video translation.

Secondly, interpreting projects in Russian include conference interpreting, exhibition accompanying, business accompanying, remote interpreting, and more.

An important aspect of their services is big data services in Russian, covering smart transportation, voice assistants, intelligent customer service, smart speakers, data collection, transcription, recording, voice-over, information annotation, quality assessment, and questionnaire services.

Russian Translation Fee Standards

Artlangs offers a flexible and competitive fee standard for Russian translation services. The company eliminates intermediary processes and hidden costs, potentially saving clients up to 30% in translation fees. The cost assessment is based on various factors, ensuring transparency and cost-effectiveness for clients.