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How much does Norwegian translation cost?

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Norwegian is the official language of Norway and is widely used in the Nordic region, but there are few people in China who are proficient in Norwegian. Therefore, for this kind of small language translation service with scarce resources and high difficulty, many translation companies at home and abroad generally charge higher fees. Moreover, even if they are all professional and formal Norwegian translation companies, the quotation tables of different translation companies in different regions will be different. So how much does Norwegian translation cost?


Common services for Norwegian translation include certificate translation, document translation, interpretation, audio and video translation, localization translation, etc., and the billing standards for different translation methods are also different. For example, certificate translation is charged according to the number of pages or copies, document translation is charged according to thousands of words, and interpretation services are charged according to the number of days. Therefore, many translation companies often need to confirm the specific needs of the project before providing specific quotations based on actual conditions when providing service quotations.

Taking document translation as an example, the translation price is determined by factors such as translation language, translation volume, translation difficulty, and translation time. When a translation company receives a consultation for manuscript translation services, it will understand the specific translation needs before making a quotation. We will calculate the translation price based on the number of words.

Reference quotation for Norwegian translation service

For example, the translation between Chinese and Norwegian is about 500-700 yuan/thousand Chinese words, while the translation between English and Norwegian is about 600-800 yuan/thousand English words. The difficulty of translation between different language pairs will also affect the final quotation.


In general, the cost of Norwegian translation needs to be determined according to the characteristics of the specific project. It is recommended to communicate in detail with the translation company in order to obtain an accurate quotation and efficient language solution.


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