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What services do educational translation companies provide?

Time : 2024-06-17Hits : 66

As an important national basic industry, the education industry is crucial to the future development of the national economy and the nation. my country's education has made great achievements, and exchanges with foreign countries are also booming, which has also led to the rapid development of educational translation services.


Educational translation companies provide a variety of services, covering the following major areas:


1. Translation of teaching materials: including teaching videos, courseware materials, training lesson plans, past exam questions, teaching syllabuses, work summaries, education regulations, file archives and excellent foreign lectures.


2. Translation of culture and art: covering novels, papers, poems, news, essays, foreign books, newspapers, publications, comics, film and television scripts, video subtitles and dubbing.


3. Interpretation services: including life accompaniment, business accompaniment, overseas accompaniment, simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, on-site dispatch, court interpretation and remote telephone interpretation.


As a well-known domestic translation company established 22 years ago, Artlangs Translation focuses on translation services in the education industry. We have professional project team members who are outstanding graduates from well-known domestic and foreign universities, with rich experience in educational translation and deep understanding of the industry, and are committed to providing high-quality and efficient translation and localization services to each customer.


We strictly follow the quality control system and audit standards to provide professional translation solutions for many educational institutions and international companies. At the same time, we attach importance to confidentiality and security. All translators and editors involved are subject to strict commercial confidentiality agreements to ensure the security of customer information and materials.


Artlangs Translation Company has accumulated rich service experience through years of operation, covering business and technical translation, business and technical interpretation, international simultaneous interpretation, film and television video translation, subtitle dubbing, multilingual website translation, certificate translation and stamping, and graphic typesetting and printing. It can flexibly respond to customers' diverse translation needs and provide them with personalized professional solutions.