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Bulgarian Language Overview

Bulgarian is a language belonging to the South Slavic branch of the Slavic language family, specifically the Southeast Slavic subgroup. It can be mutually understood with Macedonian. The language is primarily spoken on the Balkan Peninsula, particularly in Bulgaria and its surrounding regions, including Greece, Romania, Hungary, Moldova and parts of Ukraine. Additionally, speakers of Bulgarian can also be found among the descendants in Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and other areas, making it the official language of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Bulgarian has two major dialects, Eastern and Western, with the standard language based on the Central dialect (Balkan dialect) of the Eastern variety. Modern written Bulgarian originated from historical texts widely circulated in the 16th century, initially using the Glagolitic alphabet and transitioning to the Cyrillic alphabet in the 10th century. Contemporary Bulgarian is written with 30 Cyrillic letters, three fewer than Russian, and does not include any special characters.

Among Slavic languages, Bulgarian boasts the oldest literary tradition, playing a significant role in Bulgarian culture and history. It stands out as the only Slavic language moving towards analytic syntax, closely resembling Macedonian but distinctly different from other Slavic languages. Many Bulgarian scholars argue that Macedonian is a dialect of Bulgarian rather than an independent language, a viewpoint that has sparked debate in academic circles.

In summary, Bulgarian is an important Slavic language with profound cultural, historical and linguistic impacts, widely spoken in Bulgaria and its neighboring regions.

Bulgarian Translation Company

Artlangs is a professional translation and localization provider with over 20 years of experience in multilingual and multi-industry translation. Our company has a rigorous translation process and top-notch quality control system, ensuring efficient, accurate and cost-effective translation services. For different foreign language translation projects, we implement a tiered certification system for translators, ensuring adherence to language standards and quality requirements. Additionally, we match highly skilled and industry-appropriate translators to deliver precise and high-quality Bulgarian translation services for our clients.

Scope of Bulgarian Translation Services

Our company offers comprehensive Bulgarian translation services, including translation of documents such as corporate brochures, contracts, product manuals, medical reports, technical documents, operational manuals, repair manuals, literary works, patents, and engineering drawings. We also provide desktop publishing (DTP), typing, and document conversion services for document layout.

We also offer localization services for websites, software and games, providing clients with a one-stop solution and offering free analysis, quotes, and technical support.

In multimedia translation, we provide transcription and translation of audio files, subtitling for movies and videos, video subtitle production, voice recording and dubbing and narration services.

For business purposes, we offer conference interpreting, telephone interpreting, video interpreting, exhibition support and travel companion services, catering to the diverse needs of our clients.

Additionally, we provide multilingual big data services, including language data collection, transcription, recording, voice-over, information annotation and surveys, helping clients effectively manage and utilize multilingual data.

Professional Fields for Bulgarian Translation

Our Bulgarian translation services cover a wide range of industries, including agriculture, light industry, tourism and hospitality, machinery and equipment, chemical materials, etc. Bulgaria is also known for its expertise in yogurt, wine production, rose oil and other fields, requiring specialized translation support for cooperation in these industries.

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