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Croatian Language Overview

Croatian is a language belonging to the South Slavic branch of the Indo-European language family. It is spoken in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, as well as in some parts of Austria and Slovenia. Croatian is one of the official languages of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the period of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Croatian and Serbian were collectively referred to as "Serbo-Croatian." However, with the dissolution of Yugoslavia, Serbian and Croatian came to be recognized as separate languages. Today, both in Serbia and Croatia, there is no recognition of "Serbo-Croatian." Serbian and Croatian, although very similar, are considered distinct languages.

Croatian has been written using various scripts including Greek, Cyrillic, Latin, Glagolitic, and Arabic scripts, but currently, only the Latin and Cyrillic scripts are retained. While both Cyrillic and Latin scripts are officially recognized in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian exclusively uses the Latin script, with no official recognition of Cyrillic.

In summary, Croatian is a language with a long history. During the era of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, it was collectively known as "Serbo-Croatian." Today, Croatian and Serbian are recognized as separate languages, each with its own script and linguistic characteristics.

Croatian Manual Translation Company

Croatian is the official language of the Republic of Croatia and is also spoken by minority populations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Artlangs is a professional language service provider with 20 years of experience, boasting a strong team of translators and rich resources for Croatian language translation. The company is committed to prioritizing clients and delivering high-quality, efficient, and accurate Croatian language translation services. The company is ISO 9001 certified for quality management and follows professional translation process management ISO standards, establishing it as a certified national high-tech enterprise.

Quality Assurance for Croatian Language Translation

Our team of Croatian language translators possesses extensive knowledge in various professional fields and includes experienced native speakers. We have dedicated resources for each industry and have implemented strict elimination mechanisms to ensure overall quality. Using intelligent matching technology, we select the most suitable translators based on project industry and related records. Additionally, our expert reviewers check industry-specific terminology to enhance translation quality.

Finally, we conduct manual quality checks to screen for errors such as numbers, phonetics, and typos, resolving issues like omissions or mistranslations, thus ensuring translations meet native-level reading and writing standards.

Fields of Croatian Language Translation Services

Croatian language translation services are widely utilized across various industries. Sectors such as pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, information technology, tourism, and engineering construction require high-quality Croatian language translation services. Additionally, heavy industries like mechanical manufacturing, transportation, electricity, petrochemicals, and metallurgy are primary focuses for Croatian language translation. Other sectors including agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, fisheries, retail trade, and finance also benefit from Croatian language translation to expand their presence in overseas markets.

Pricing for Croatian Language Translation

Artlangs offers competitive pricing for Croatian language translation services with flexible package options, eliminating layers of subcontracting and hidden costs and allowing for potential savings of up to 30%. All projects are comprehensively evaluated based on specific requirements.

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