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Estonian Language Overview

Estonian is the national language of Estonia in northeastern Europe, belonging to the Uralic language family's Finno-Ugric branch. It is a language closely related to Finnish and is primarily spoken in Estonia, as well as in regions like the Leningrad, Pskov and Omsk Oblasts of Russia, and Latvia.

Estonian is divided into three dialects: Northeastern Coastal, Northern and Southern. The Northern dialect, also known as the Tallinn dialect, forms the basis of the Estonian standard language. Estonian is highly similar to Finnish, especially in the Northern dialect, making mutual understanding possible.

Compared to Hungarian, another member of the Ugric branch, Estonian has limited linguistic connections. However, it does share some vocabulary borrowings with neighboring languages like Lithuanian and Latvian.

Estonian is rich in vowels and has a complex grammar, with 14 declension forms for nouns. In addition to the traditional 26 Latin letters, Estonian also includes an additional letter with diacritics, totaling 27 letters.

As one of the official languages of the European Union, Estonian language learning has become a target for an increasing number of international students. Its complex grammar and unique spelling also make it a subject of study for linguists.

Estonian Language Translation Company 

Artlangs is a professional translation company with a robust team of Estonian translators, certified in multiple areas and members of several reputable institutions. We provide high-quality Estonian language translation services to clients through meticulous service processes and top-notch quality control. Our long-term partners include numerous well-known domestic and international enterprises and government departments.

Four Advantages of Estonian Language Translation Services

Artlangs is a professional translation company with four major advantages:

Firstly, we have abundant resources, supporting 230+ languages, and certifying over 30,000 experienced translators globally, covering 21+ mainstream industries and 2000+ language pairs.

Secondly, we have twenty years of experience in language translation services, successfully delivering hundreds of thousands of projects each year.

Thirdly, We offer competitive pricing, flexible package matching, eliminating layers of subcontracting, and saving up to 30%. Lastly, we provide value-added services, developing different service plans for different fields, and offer 24/7 lifelong after-sales service to meet client needs.

Estonian Language Translation Service Content

Artlangs provides comprehensive Estonian language translation services. Our written translation services cover various document translations such as company introductions, contract terms, medical documents, product descriptions, survey reports, etc. We also provide document layout processing and website translation services to meet all your translation needs.

Our interpretation services include simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, remote interpretation (video/phone), accompanying interpretation, etc. Our experienced interpreters can provide high-quality translation services in various scenarios.

Furthermore, we offer big data services, including multilingual data collection, transcription, recording, dubbing, information labeling, quality assessment, survey, etc. Our team is committed to providing you with high-quality data processing services.

No matter what kind of translation services you need, Artlangs will provide you with professional and efficient solutions.

Fields Covered by Estonian Language Translation Services

Artlangs' Estonian language translation services cover a wide range of industries, including construction materials, textile industry, food processing, animal husbandry, agriculture, service industry, tourism, precision instruments, communication equipment, metal mining products, machinery equipment, wood products, manufacturing, electronic technology, transportation storage, wholesale retail, finance, engineering construction, transportation, information communication, medical health, petrochemicals, aerospace, aviation, etc. Our professional team will provide you with high-quality and accurate translation services.

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