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Finnish Language Overview

Finnish is a language belonging to the Finno-Ugric branch of the Uralic language family. It is related to Estonian and shares similarities in vocabulary and grammar, making it possible for Finns and Estonians to understand each other's languages with some practice. Finnish is one of the two official languages in Finland, with the majority of Finns using Finnish. It is also a legally recognized minority language in Sweden.

The speakers of Finnish are primarily distributed in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Russia and among some immigrants in Michigan, USA. Finnish is valued not only for its practicality but also for its uniqueness. Unlike most European languages that belong to the Indo-European family, Finnish belongs to the Uralic family, which means its basic vocabulary is entirely different from other European languages. Additionally, Finnish has borrowed many words from Swedish and Russian, adding to its complexity for learners.

Moreover, Finnish grammar is highly complex, requiring more time to learn compared to many other languages. Consequently, it is widely recognized as a very challenging language to learn. Due to its rarity and high difficulty level, the number of people proficient in Finnish within China is very limited. However, with the strengthening cooperation between China and Finland, as well as increasing exchanges and collaborations in economics, culture and other areas between China and Nordic countries, the importance of Finnish is gradually becoming more prominent. Therefore, for scholars, tourism professionals and entrepreneurs who wish to gain in-depth understanding of Finland, Sweden and other Nordic countries, learning Finnish is a highly beneficial investment.

Finnish Translation Service Company

Artlangs is a professional translation service company that gathers tens of thousands of certified native translators in over 230 languages globally. They prioritize clients and adhere to high standards, efficiency and quality, providing language translation services for various needs through a branch-based certification system for translators proficient in minority languages. The company has been operating in the industry for 20 years and possesses a robust team of foreign language translators, refined service processes and top-notch quality control.

Artlangs has obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification, ISO 17100:2015 and EN 15038:2006 certification for professional translation process management, and recognition as a National High-tech Enterprise. These certifications demonstrate the company's capability to deliver high-quality and efficient translation services, meeting diverse client translation needs.

If you are looking for Finnish translation services, Artlangs is your top choice. The company provides professional, high-quality and efficient translation services to support your business development.

Quality Assurance for Finnish Translation

The quality control for Finnish translation is stringent and includes the following four measures:

Firstly, to ensure translation quality, each industry domain for Finnish translation has dedicated senior Finnish native language translators. These translators undergo rigorous selection and elimination processes to ensure overall project quality.

Secondly, based on the industry domain of Finnish translation projects and related records, translators with appropriate Finnish translation proficiency and stronger industry knowledge are intelligently matched to ensure translation accuracy and professionalism.

Thirdly, an expert proofreading team checks the industry terminology of Finnish translation projects to enhance overall language quality and formatting.

Lastly, a professional review team conducts manual quality checks on project details, including numbers, phonetics, spelling errors, amounts, dates, fonts, formats, etc., to ensure consistency in industry terminology, style and expression. Through these multiple control measures, the quality of Finnish translation is effectively ensured, meeting not only Finnish native language reading, writing and expression habits but also customer needs and expectations.

Finnish Translation Service Projects

We provide comprehensive Finnish translation service projects, mainly categorized into three areas: written translation services, interpretation services and big data services.

In written translation services, we specialize in translating various document manuals, such as product manuals, medical reports, literary documents, engineering drawings, operation manuals, contracts, patents, etc., ensuring accurate content translation. Additionally, we offer desktop formatting, typing, document conversion and other services. For various industry needs, we can also handle website localization, software localization, multimedia localization translation, subtitle translation, video transcription translation, audio dubbing translation, etc.

In interpretation services, our experienced interpreters provide conference simultaneous interpretation, conference consecutive interpretation, remote telephone/video interpretation, accompanying interpretation, interpreter dispatch, etc. We can flexibly meet various interpretation needs to ensure smooth and accurate dialogue.

Furthermore, we provide Finnish big data services, including multilingual data collection, transcription, recording, dubbing, information annotation, etc. Moreover, we closely collaborate with clients, especially tailoring data analysis and organization services to meet client needs, providing strong support for client business expansion.

Regardless of the field, we can provide precise, efficient and comprehensive Finnish translation services, helping you easily tackle challenges in business, technology and cultural exchanges.

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