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Georgian Language Overview

The Georgian language belongs to the Kartvelian language family of the Caucasus region, and it is the official language of Georgia. It is also one of the main languages spoken in the Caucasus region. Apart from being spoken in Georgia, Georgian is also used by significant communities in Iran, Turkey, Russia, the United States, and other places. Therefore, if you need to communicate with clients or partners from these regions, Georgian language translation is essential.

Georgian has 5 basic vowels, 28 consonants, and a total of 33 letters. Georgian script is written from left to right and is used to write Georgian as well as other languages belonging to the Kartvelian language family. Artlangs has a professional team of Georgian language translators who can provide you with accurate and fluent Georgian translation services.

The Georgian script was developed in the 5th century and consists of three types of letters: Mrgvlovani, Nuskhuri, and Mkhedruli. Although all three are used to write Georgian, they are distinct letter systems. Modern Georgian script has 33 letters, fewer than the other two historical scripts. In our translation services, we ensure precise translation of your documents according to the standards of the modern Georgian language.

Artlangs can provide you with high-quality and accurate Georgian translation services according to your needs. Whether it's for business or cultural exchange, we strive to offer professional translation services to enhance your communication and collaboration with Georgia and other Kartvelian languages-speaking countries.

Georgian Manual Translation Company

Artlangs is a customer-oriented professional language services company that adheres to high standards of efficiency and quality. We continuously integrate resources of translators proficient in over 230 languages globally, ensuring precise matching of highly skilled translators for different client requirements, including document translation, website translation, multimedia translation, professional DTP typesetting, simultaneous interpretation, and more.

We rigorously follow a translation review process, coordinate translators' work, and control translation quality, providing consecutive interpretation, remote interpretation, and on-site interpretation services to major industries worldwide. Our team of Georgian language translators consists of professional linguists capable of delivering accurate and fluent human translation services.

Georgian Translation Service Contents

Artlangs offers Georgian language translation services covering various industries such as mining, manufacturing, water resources and power, agriculture, animal husbandry, food processing, forestry, fisheries, tourism, banking and finance, engineering and construction, energy, wine industry, machinery, precision instruments, aerospace, automotive, medical and health, etc., providing both written translation and interpretation services. Our Georgian language translation team consists of professional translators who offer medical report translation, product manual translation, book and journal translation, legal document translation, engineering drawing translation, corporate annual report translation, subtitle translation, etc. Additionally, we provide conference interpretation, remote telephone interpretation, exhibition interpretation, and other interpretation services. Furthermore, we offer subtitling translation, website localization, software localization, and other localization translation services. Regardless of your industry or the type of translation service you need, Artlangs can provide you with high-quality and precise language communication services to help you achieve international development.

Georgian Translation Pricing

Artlangs offers Georgian language translation services with pricing evaluated based on various factors including translation mode, language pair, and industry domain of the project. Our pricing system is highly competitive in the market, offering flexible package options, direct services without intermediaries, no subcontracting, and no hidden costs, potentially saving clients up to 30% of their costs.

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