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Icelandic Language Overview

The Icelandic language is a highly distinctive language belonging to the Indo-European language family, specifically the North Germanic branch. It is primarily spoken in Iceland itself and in parts of Manitoba, Canada, and serves as the official language of Iceland.

Icelandic maintains characteristics of the ancient West Norse dialect, with very little influence from foreign languages on its vocabulary. Icelandic lacks international vocabularies for expressing modern ideas and inventions, so Icelanders prefer to craft their pure Icelandic words rather than use international terms as much as possible. This makes Icelandic one of the "most conservative" languages in Europe, according to linguists.

However, Icelandic is also a challenging language to master. It retains many grammatical features from various ancient Germanic languages, and modern Icelandic is highly inflected. Among some of the smaller languages, Icelandic is often considered one of the most difficult due to its archaic vocabulary and complex grammar rules.

Icelandic uses the Latin alphabet, and its grammar and vocabulary are stable. Even modern Icelanders can read Old Icelandic sagas written 1000 years ago, although there are significant differences between modern Icelandic and its ancient form. Therefore, learning Icelandic requires a significant amount of time and effort, but mastering this language allows one to understand its unique culture and history.

Icelandic Translation Service Company

Artlangs is a professional translation company with 20 years of experience, specializing in translation services for minor languages. The company has a strong team of Icelandic and English translators, as well as translators for various minor languages, providing high-quality translation services to clients.

Artlangs emphasizes details in service processes and quality control, holding ISO 9001 quality management system certification, professional translation process management ISO certification, and national high-tech enterprise certification. It adheres to high standards, efficiency and quality principles, ensuring that every client receives the best quality service.

As a professional translation company, Artlangs is committed to providing native language translation services for various industries worldwide. Regardless of the language needed for translation, Artlangs upholds principles of high quality and efficiency, providing solid support for clients' global business success.

Localization Translation Process for Icelandic Language

If you are looking for Icelandic translation services, our Icelandic translation service company would be an excellent choice. In our services, we employ a full-process localization translation workflow to ensure that every step is well-handled. Starting from project quotes, we extract and analyze source files, submit formal quotes, and ensure a balance between price and quality.

Next, we commence the project preparation stage, which includes file preparation and creating translation memory databases, providing terminology liberaries to translators, confirming terms and updating term files. During the translation step, we follow the style of the original text, edit to ensure consistency and uniformity of the translation. Then, we proceed to typesetting, including image localization, format layout and checking.

Subsequently, we conduct a second quality check to ensure the quality of documents meets standards and update layout files. Finally, we perform a final draft check, client review and update the final draft. Whatever Icelandic translation service you require, we can provide professional, high-quality and comprehensive services.

Quality Assurance for Icelandic Translation

The quality assurance of Icelandic translation is a specialized and strict process. Firstly, we reserve experienced native language translators for each industry and establish a strict elimination mechanism to ensure the overall quality of translators.

Secondly, we intelligently match suitable translators based on the industry and related records of the project to match your most needed professional skills. Thirdly, we conduct expert proofreading to check industry terms, writing styles, and formatting to improve language quality, making it consistent with native-level reading and writing habits.

Lastly, we perform manual quality checks, screening for details such as numbers, amounts, dates, fonts and formats, as well as checking for omissions and mistranslations. This process ensures that we provide high-quality Icelandic translation services to our clients, adding more value to their businesses and operations.

Areas of Icelandic Translation Services

As Icelandic is the official language of Iceland, there is a broad demand for Icelandic translation services in the Icelandic market economy. Iceland's economy is supported by fishing, with significant industries in wool, leather and energy. These industries require Icelandic translation services for international cooperation and export trade.

Moreover, Iceland's abundant geothermal resources require professional Icelandic translation services to support the development and utilization of technologies, involving engineering design, technical specifications, equipment instructions and more. Additionally, industries such as banking, biopharmaceuticals, gaming software, software for teaching and laboratories, services, tourism, construction engineering, mechanical instruments, aerospace, and aviation all require Icelandic translation services to meet business cooperation and communication requirements.

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