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Kazakh Language Overview

The Kazakh language is the language of the Kazakh ethnic group, belonging to the Turkic language family and used by Kazakh people worldwide. Kazakh is similar to other Turkic languages. It is one of the official languages in Kazakhstan. The Kazakh ethnic group and their language began to form around the 15th century and established a standard language in the latter half of the 19th century.

The Kazakh ethnic group evolved from multiple ancient ethnic groups living together for an extended period. Kazakh is mainly spoken in countries such as Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Russia, and Turkey. Like other languages, Kazakh has borrowed words from Arabic, Persian, Russian, Kyrgyz, Uyghur, Mongolian, and other languages. The Kazakh languages spoken in Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia can mutually communicate. Due to the developed livestock industry, Kazakh has many expressions for vocabulary related to livestock.

The Kazakh people used a script based on ancient Turkic alphabets, later transitioning to Arabic script. Before 1940, Kazakhs within the Soviet Union used a script based on Cyrillic alphabets. In China, a new Kazakh script based on Latin alphabets was adopted in 1964. Although Kazakhstan still uses Arabic script, Kazakh people have gradually recognized the value of the new Kazakh script and are gradually reverting to its use. The new Kazakh script consists of 24 consonants and 9 vowels.

Kazakh Translation Service Company

Artlangs is a nationally certified high-tech translation company with over 230 languages and 2000+ native-speaking translators worldwide. Prioritizing clients, it adheres to high standards of efficiency and quality, offering global multilingual document translation, multimedia translation and business interpretation services, providing comprehensive services for various Kazakh language translation clients.

Advantages of Kazakh Translation Services

As a professional language solution service brand, Artlangs has many advantages.

Firstly, the company covers over 20 mainstream industries globally, including medical and health, technical engineering, IT internet, artificial intelligence, legal finance, etc., establishing strict elimination mechanisms in these fields to ensure the quality of translation services provided. Secondly, the company uses intelligent matching to precisely match translators who meet requirements based on the project's industry and relevant records, achieving precise, authentic, and high-quality translation services.

Furthermore, the company has a team of seasoned expert editors who inspect industry terminology, writing styles, and formats to ensure that the language translation quality meets native standards and reading/writing habits.

Finally, before delivery, the company has a professional quality inspection team to screen and check each translation project to ensure completeness, professionalism, and accuracy of the document.

Artlangs, with its professional team, intelligent resource matching, seasoned expert editors, and professional quality inspection processes, provides excellent Kazakh language translation services to clients.

Fields of Kazakh Translation Services

Kazakh language translation services cover various fields.

Among them, industries like petrochemicals, energy/natural gas, mining, etc., are the main economic pillars of Kazakhstan, making translation services particularly crucial in these sectors.

Additionally, fields such as agriculture and animal husbandry, processing industries, finance, machinery equipment also require high-quality translation services.

Moreover, industries like healthcare, law, finance, with higher demands for language accuracy, and sectors like aerospace, communication facilities in high-tech fields, or tourism, engineering construction in daily life, all require professional and accurate Kazakh language translation services to meet diverse needs.

Pricing for Kazakh Translation Services

The pricing for Kazakh language translation services varies depending on the translation mode, volume, industry domain, and specific requirements. We conduct comprehensive evaluations and provide clients with reasonable and favorable pricing.

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