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Lithuanian Language Overview

Lithuanian is a language belonging to the Baltic branch of the Indo-European language family and is primarily spoken in Lithuania. It is considered one of the oldest and most conservative languages within the Indo-European family that is still in use today. Lithuanian is mainly spoken in Lithuania, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Central Europe, and Western Europe.

While Lithuanian and Latvian share some similarities as Baltic languages, they also have distinct differences. Lithuanian has undergone different degrees of evolution in terms of phonetics, vocabulary, and grammar compared to Latvian, particularly in the preservation of its case system. This linguistic uniqueness gives Lithuanian a significant standing in comparative Indo-European linguistics. In fact, Lithuanian is one of the oldest and most conservative Indo-European languages in existence, predating Latvian in terms of historical development.

Lithuanian exhibits considerable dialectal variation, primarily divided into two branches: Lowland Lithuanian and Highland Lithuanian. Modern standard Lithuanian is based on a sub-dialect of Highland Lithuanian and was formalized in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, recognized as a normative language. The earliest written records of Lithuanian date back to a translation of Martin Luther's catechism in 1547.

The history of the Lithuanian script is complex. Before the 18th century, Lithuanian used Gothic script Latin letters, which were later replaced by standard Latin letters, totaling 32 letters. Modern standard Lithuanian primarily uses the Latin alphabet for writing, while also retaining some special characters and diacritics.

Overall, Lithuanian, as a language of the Baltic branch of the Indo-European family, possesses rich historical and cultural significance, making it crucial for Indo-European language studies. Due to its unique dimensions and deep-rooted traditions, Lithuanian remains a powerful linguistic force in modern society and is widely used worldwide.

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Fields of Lithuanian Language Translation

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