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Factors affecting the price of contract translation - contract translation fee standards

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In addition to good foreign language and Chinese language skills, contract translation also requires certain translation skills. In addition, it is also essential to understand the professional knowledge of the contract itself and the knowledge involved in international trade, international freight, accounting, transportation, insurance and law. To become a qualified contract translator, you need to study the contract template and related knowledge in depth and do a lot of practical translation work.


In today's translation market, contract translation is becoming increasingly popular, and the price of contract translation is also one of the focuses of people's attention. The cost of contract translation is usually determined by the following factors:


1. Contract type and industry: Contracts in different industries (such as technology, law, finance, automobiles, business, engineering, etc.) have different price ranges. Different types of contracts (such as financing contracts, purchase and sales contracts, design contracts, construction contracts, etc.) will also affect the price setting.


2. Contract translation word count: Most translation companies quote or charge according to the word count of the contract. Therefore, the content of the contract directly affects the final translation cost. Different translation companies may have different word count charging standards, and customers need to pay attention to the distinction.


3. Target language: The target language involved in the translation is also an important factor affecting the price. Compared with mainstream languages ​​such as English, the translation costs of minority languages ​​are usually higher because there are relatively fewer translators and related corpora, which increases the complexity and cost of translation.


4. Translator professional level: Contract translation usually requires a high level of professional knowledge, such as translators with a legal background. The professional level and experience of the translator will directly affect the quality and price of the translation service.


5. Delivery time requirements: If the client needs to deliver the manuscript urgently, the translation fee will usually increase. This is because the translator needs to complete the work in a shorter period of time, which may require additional workload and time costs.


6. Legal requirements and oaths: The translation of the contract must be rigorous and correct and meet legal requirements. Professional contract translation companies usually provide oaths to ensure the accuracy and legality of the translation.


The cost of contract translation is affected by many factors, so there is no unified pricing standard. The following is a reference quote:


Taking Chinese-English translation as an example, the price of the contract is usually calculated based on the number of words. For example, the translation fee for a 1,000-word contract is between 140 yuan and 200 yuan. Different quality levels of translations may have different fees, and high-quality translations are usually slightly more expensive. Contract translations can generally meet quality requirements at standard or professional levels.


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