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What should I pay attention to when looking for a Turkish translator?

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Turkish belongs to the Oghuz branch of the Turkic language family of the Altaic language family. It is currently spoken by 65 million to 73 million people, mainly in Turkey. It is also widely used among Turkish immigrants in Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Greece, North Macedonia, Romania and Western Europe (especially Germany).


With the continuous development of economic and trade cooperation between China and Turkey, the demand for Turkish translation in China is also increasing. So, what should I pay attention to when choosing a Turkish translator?


1. Clarify the types of Turkish translation


At present, many translation companies have a variety of types of talents to choose from when providing Turkish translation services. If you need to translate text documents, you can directly hand it over to the translator; but if you need to communicate with the other party, it is recommended to equip professional interpreters or simultaneous interpreters.


2. Choose a company with formal translation qualifications


The qualifications of a translation company are usually formally registered by the industrial and commercial department, and the business scope should include "translation services" rather than "translation consulting". Formal companies can provide services such as professional translation stamps, translation invoices and contracts.


3. Evaluate the qualifications and abilities of the translator


In addition to the formal qualifications of the company, it is also necessary to pay attention to the evaluation of the qualifications and abilities of the translator. The translator's language level certificate, translation and interpretation certificates, as well as rich translation experience and cases are important bases for judging the level and ability of the translator. Professional Turkish translators can pay attention to the cultural differences between the two languages ​​in cross-cultural communication and formulate effective translation strategies to better achieve project requirements and customer goals.


4. Confirm whether the translator understands the relevant business


When selecting a translator, in addition to clarifying what type of translator is needed, it is also necessary to ensure that they have a certain understanding of the company's business or related fields to avoid unclear professional terms during the translation process.


5. Understand the charging standards for Turkish translation


Formal translation companies use a manual translation model and include post-review and quality control processes, so they may not have an advantage in price. However, although the quotations of formal companies are higher, they are all based on factors such as language pairs, file types and professional difficulty. There is a saying in the industry: "High prices do not necessarily mean high quality, but there is basically no high-quality translation at low prices (except for promotional activities)."


Artlangs Translation is a formal translation agency with a history of 22 years. Since its establishment, it has attached great importance to Turkish translation business and has long gathered many excellent Turkish translation talents at home and abroad. The company provides a variety of Turkish translation services, including translation, interpretation, assignment, certificate translation, subtitle translation and localization translation, covering a wide range of fields, including aerospace, mechanical engineering, transportation and water conservancy, energy equipment, import and export trade, machinery manufacturing, education, corporate publicity, advertising, multimedia, electronic games, media news, legal finance, medicine, communications, electronics and electrical, chemical industry and food, etc.


If you want to know more about the standards and service processes of Turkish translation, please consult the online customer service of Artlangs Translation's official website or call the toll-free hotline +86 0731-8511-4762 for more details.