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How much does Turkish translation cost?

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Turkish belongs to the Oghuz branch of the Turkic language family of the Altaic language family. It is currently spoken by 65 million to 73 million people, mainly in Turkey. It is also widely used among Turkish immigrants in Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Greece, North Macedonia, Romania and Western Europe (especially Germany).


In recent years, the economic and trade cooperation between China and Turkey has developed rapidly, and the trade volume has increased year by year. Therefore, the demand for Turkish translation has also been rising. Since its establishment, Artlangs Translation Company has always attached great importance to Turkish translation business and has gathered many excellent Turkish translation talents at home and abroad for a long time. So, how much does Turkish translation cost?


Generally speaking, the cost of Turkish translation is mainly determined by the following four factors:

1. The language pair for mutual translation: the translation price with common languages ​​such as Chinese and English is lower, while the translation price with small languages ​​such as Slovak and Polish is higher.

2. Content of translation: Ordinary content translation is easy and time-saving, so the cost is low; while the translation of highly professional content is more expensive.

3. Level of translator: Different translators have different experience and levels, and the fees are also different. Experienced translators have higher fees.
4. Translation time: If the customer needs expedited service, he needs to pay additional expedited fees to make up for the labor cost of overtime work of the translation company.


In addition, the cost of Turkish translation is also related to the translation quality level, which is usually divided into standard level, professional level and publishing level translation. Different levels have different requirements and difficulty for translators, and the prices are also different accordingly. Therefore, the specific price needs to be communicated and negotiated according to the detailed needs of the project.


Taking the translation between Chinese and Turkish as an example, the cost of manual translation of Turkish is usually about 340 yuan per thousand words, but the actual price will fluctuate due to the above factors, and the specific quotation of the translation company shall prevail.


Artlangs Translation is a well-known translation agency with a 22-year history. It provides a variety of Turkish translation services including translation, interpretation, assignment, certificate translation, subtitle translation and localization translation. The fields covered include aerospace, mechanical engineering, transportation and water conservancy, energy equipment, import and export trade, machinery manufacturing, education, corporate publicity, advertising, multimedia, electronic games, media news, legal finance, medicine, communications, electronics and electrical, chemical industry and food, etc.


Artlangs Translation's translation process is as follows:

Project analysis: receiving manuscripts and calculating the number of words in the text;

Project arrangement: locating projects and matching suitable translators;

Proofreading: conducting three reviews and one proofreading to ensure the consistency of the translation;

Editing and typesetting: typesetting text and images;

Submission: transmitting electronic translations through online tools such as email, WeChat, QQ, DingTalk, or sending paper versions by express delivery.


If you want to know more about the standards and service processes of Turkish translation, please consult the online customer service of Artlangs Translation's official website or call the toll-free hotline +86 0731-8511-4762 for more service details.