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How much does Danish human translation cost?

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Danish is the official language of the Kingdom of Denmark.   It belongs to the North Germanic branch of the Germanic language family of the Indo-European language family.   It is mutually intelligible with Norwegian and Swedish of the same branch.   In addition to being spoken in the Kingdom of Denmark and its territories, the Faroe Islands and Greenland, Danish is also sporadically spoken in parts of Germany, Norway and Sweden.


Since Danish is a relatively rare minority language in China, it is not easy to find translators who are proficient in this language.   Therefore, when you need to find a Danish translator, it is a faster way to go through a translation company.   Artlangs Translation Company is a well-known language service provider in China.   It can provide translation services in more than 230 languages ​​including Danish to customers.   If you have a Danish translation need, welcome to learn about the charging standards of Artlangs Translation Company.


Artlangs Translation's Danish translation business mainly covers translation, interpretation, document translation, localization translation, and overseas assignment projects, involving Danish to Chinese, Chinese to Danish, Danish to English, and Danish to other minority languages.


Different translation projects have different charging methods.   For example, certificate translation is charged according to the number of copies/pages, document translation is calculated according to the number of words, and interpretation is charged according to the specific time required.   Artlangs generally quotes customers based on the actual translation project.


Taking translation services as an example, Artlangs divides translation into standard level, professional level, and publishing level, with prices ranging from 350-700 yuan/thousand words.   The main factors affecting the price of Danish translation include language pair, translation quality level, professionalism, translation volume and return time.


Artlangs Translation's Danish services include:

High-end translation: bidding documents, contract agreements, audit annual reports, financial statements, IPO declarations, instruction manuals, maintenance manuals, engineering drawings, operating specifications, market research reports, product brochures, learning courseware, film and television scripts, medical reports, patent documents, websites and software, etc.

Translation of foreign-related documents: passports, driver's licenses, household registration books, marriage certificates, academic certificates, no criminal records, tax certificates and other personal documents.

In addition, Artlangs can also provide simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, telephone interpretation, video interpretation, accompanying interpretation, interpreter dispatch, language localization and other services for different occasions and needs, fully meeting personalized needs.


Artlangs Translation has 23 years of experience in Danish translation services and can provide you with a one-stop translation solution.   If you want to know the exact translation price, you can consult our online customer service team.   Our project manager will give you an actual quotation after understanding your specific needs.