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How much does Persian translation cost?

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Persian, also known as Parsian, belongs to the Indo-European language family-Iranian language family-Western branch. It is the official language of Iran and Tajikistan, and one of the two main languages ​​in Afghanistan. In addition, it is also distributed in other parts of Central Asia. Persian is called "Tajik" in Tajikistan.

Persian translation services are indeed a relatively rare minority language service in China. It is not easy to find high-quality translators. Therefore, it is a more effective way to obtain translation services through professional translation companies such as Artlangs Translation Company. The following is a detailed introduction and summary of Artlangs Translation Company's Persian translation services and their charging standards for reference:


Artlangs Translation Company's Persian Translation Services

Translation content covers:

1. High-end written translation: including but not limited to bidding documents, contracts, audit reports, financial statements, instruction manuals, technical manuals, engineering drawings, market research reports, product promotional materials, learning materials, scripts, medical reports, patent documents, websites and software, etc.

2. Translation of foreign-related documents: such as passports, driver's licenses, household registration books, marriage certificates, academic certificates, no criminal records, tax certificates and other personal documents.

3. Interpretation services: including simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, telephone interpretation, video interpretation, accompanying interpretation and translator dispatch.


Charging standards

Charges are usually based on the type, difficulty, translation volume and time requirements of the translation project. Specific charging methods include:
1. Translation: charged by word count, different translation levels (standard level, professional level, publication level) have different prices, and the starting price is generally 300 yuan/thousand words.

2. Document translation: charged according to the number of copies or pages.

3. Interpretation/dispatch: charged by time, depending on specific needs.

4. Special projects such as audio translation, video subtitles, dubbing, etc.: the charging standards depend on the specific situation.


Factors affecting prices

1. Language pair: for example, Persian to Chinese, Chinese to Persian, or Persian to other languages.

2. Translation quality level: the difference between standard level, professional level and publication level.

3. Professionalism: the professional fields involved, such as law, medicine, technology, etc.

4. Translation volume: The more words you translate, the more discounts you may get.

5. Return time: Urgent translation needs usually incur an expedited fee.


Service advantages

Rich experience: With 23 years of experience in Persian translation services, we can provide a one-stop translation solution.
Diversified services: Not only does it include written translation and document translation, but it can also meet various interpretation needs and adapt to different occasions and needs.

Professional team: We have an experienced translation team and standardized quality control processes to ensure translation quality and accuracy.


How to get a quote

In order to get an accurate quote, it is recommended to contact Artlangs Translation's online customer service directly and explain your specific needs in detail, including translation content, word count, time requirements, etc. Our project manager will provide an actual quote after understanding your specific needs.