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Norwegian Translation Service - How to find a professional Norwegian translator?

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Norwegian is the official language of the Kingdom of Norway and belongs to the North Germanic branch of the Germanic language family of the Indo-European language family. In addition to about 4.2 million people speaking Norwegian in Norway, there are also about 600,000 Norwegians who have immigrated to the United States. After a long process of development, Norwegian has become very similar to Swedish and Danish in the same language branch, and the speakers of these languages ​​can communicate with each other.


In China, Norwegian translation services are considered to be relatively rare minority language services, and it is not easy to find high-quality translators. Therefore, it is an effective way to obtain translation services through professional translation companies such as Artlangs Translation. Artlangs Translation is a global language service provider that can provide translation services in more than 230 languages, including Norwegian.


Norwegian Translation Service of Artlangs Translation Company


1. High-end written translation: covering bidding documents, contracts, audit reports, financial statements, instruction manuals, technical manuals, engineering drawings, market research reports, product promotional materials, learning materials, scripts, medical reports, patent documents, websites and software, etc.

2. Translation of foreign-related documents: including passports, driver's licenses, household registration books, marriage certificates, academic certificates, criminal records, tax certificates and other personal documents.
3. Interpretation services: covering simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, telephone interpretation, video interpretation, accompanying interpretation and translator dispatch.


Norwegian translation fee standards of Artlangs Translation Company


The fee standards are usually determined according to the type, difficulty, translation volume and time requirements of the translation project. Specific charging methods include:


1. Written translation: charged by word count, different translation levels (standard level, professional level, publishing level) have different prices.


2. Document translation: charged by number of copies or pages.


3. Interpretation/dispatch: charged by time, depending on specific needs.


4. Special projects such as audio translation, video subtitles, dubbing, etc.: the charging standards depend on the specific situation.


Advantages of Norwegian translation services of Artlangs Translation Company


1. Complete qualifications: registered with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, with a special translation seal, and complete translation qualifications. Passed ISO quality management system certification, and is a certified member of the Translators Association of China and the American Translators Association.

2. Professional team: With an experienced translation team and standardized quality control process to ensure translation quality and accuracy.

3. Rich experience: With 23 years of experience in Norwegian translation services, we can provide one-stop translation solutions.

4. Diversified services: Not only provide written translation and document translation, but also meet various interpretation needs, adapting to different occasions and needs.